Monday, March 14, 2011


“At the bar alone listening to hey jude on the jukebox and praying”

How do you pray?

“I pray by holding my head and casting well wishes to the world and humming very low’

How did we sinners get in your good graces?

“By being sexy”

A chorus of red-cheeked, pimply angels, asking sweet questions in slobbery lisps

Their pimp, with her tits topped with nipples like apples, watching from a Lazy Boy, gagging in laughter

Have you seen my book, Matt? Which way to the mall? You are a tea kettle at the slaughter

And hotter, you fall to your hips, cup your hands over your ears in a strawberry garland, close your eyes up

And let your tongue blossom in sweet-tasting prayer, rising up from the bumps on your tongue like strawberries, soft and hum

The pimp can see that you have come and with her gold husk of a smile, she stifles her laugh long enough to pour you another one

“My pimp poured me one and flashed her silver taint and then, for a moment, I was a peach tree to climb for the other warwhores.”

Was your fruit ripe? Were their fruit ripe? Was her taint soft as a peach or hard as metal?

“Her soft taint was protected with metal. My peaches were ripe and willing.”

“They published your book?”

They published my taint

“Did it feel good or bad”

I love the cold wind but I wish they had published my tits

“Should I try walking around in a skirt with no panties”

“Or should I just wear pants that make my crotch look good”

Try with and without. It gets sticky though so do it now while the weather is right

Walk past all those twilit Wilmette houses in spring blank with lamplight

The ones without panties, though I’ll get you a pair of silk ones sometime

“But you need panties to make your crotch a good shape”

No, they’re just for color and texture

You can insert molds and wires and clay, though

Impress the flakes with your imprint

“I could make molds for trannies to wear in their pouches”

3D tattoos, stars, arrows, horse hinds

Faces emerging like pharaohs and movie stars

Erotic figures from Santa Fe lesbians

Hourglasses permanently leaking sand

And silk mouth guards

“We didn’t need words we had faces”

You face was a sentence that only my taint could read

“My loins scream into the ear of a stars mouth while stars sit on my face and sit on each others faces”

Dogs run horrified back to their trannies, who laugh and console them but can only watch from afar, from outside the bar…

"The book is called Which way to the mall?"


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